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What is the Gonstead System

The Gonstead difference. Patients travel from all over the world to experience the changes in their health via the Gonstead technique. This method is meant to be accurate, specific and help you return to health and to living your best life. We utilize six objective and subjective measurements to hone in on the actual mechanical and neurological disfunction within the spine or extremity to a correction can be done.

History: we take a complete medical history to get to know you, habits, prior trauma, goals and create a formula to start installing the pillars of health.

Visualization: Observing the spine or extremity at rest and in action. How does it work? When does it hurt? What is the soft tissue doing? Skin inflammation? Skin lesions? Muscle spasm/paralysis?

Scoping: Gonstead doctors utilize a devise called the nervo-scope. This scope is run down your spine, it is meant to measure heat and determine where the metabolism of the nerve has been affected.

Static Palpation: we feel for physical point tenderness, joint position, ligament laxity or muscle spasm which tells us where the inflammation is accumulating.

Motion Palpation: How is this structure moving and functioning relative of a non injured structure? Is there pain at any point through the motion? Pinching, nerve reactions etc...

X-ray analysis: we use weight bearing x-rays to reverse engineer and check our work to make sure we are on the right bone, the right way at the right time. Also make sure there are no underlying pathologies that could be contributing to the alteration in optimal health. This ensures we can get the most out of each adjustment and allow the body to return to its normal balanced state- without dis-ease.

This is our step by stop process that every patient goes through at every visit.

Progress and improvement of health is quantifiable and diagnostic just as disfunction is. Our goal is to help you heal as quickly as your body allows.

How can we help?

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