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Your thoughts, feelings and your environment shifts.

What if I said the health of your body, your thoughts, feelings and how you acted in the world affected the trajectory of the world and possibly the universe?

Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon that has fascinated physicists for decades. It refers to a situation in which two particles become linked in such a way that the state of one particle is correlated with the state of the other particle, regardless of the distance between them. This means that changes to one particle will instantly affect the other particle, no matter how far apart they are. Some researchers believe that this phenomenon could explain how thought energy travels around the world.

A zoomed in version in a simple quote would be- everything you do, think about and eat matters to everything around your immediate circle, to the world and possibly even the universe.

The idea that thought energy can travel around the world is not new. Many ancient spiritual traditions have long suggested that our thoughts and emotions can affect the world around us. Quantum physics seems to provide a scientific explanation for this idea, suggesting that our thoughts might be connected to the world in a way that we don't fully understand.

While the mechanism behind thought energy is still unclear, some researchers have suggested that it could be related to quantum entanglement. According to this theory, our thoughts and emotions are made up of subatomic particles, just like everything else in the universe. When we think or feel something, these particles become entangled with each other, creating a kind of thought-energy field.

This field could then interact with other fields around the world, creating a network of entangled particles that spans the globe. This would mean that our thoughts and emotions could affect the world around us, no matter where we are. This theory suggests that the mind and the universe are deeply connected, and that our thoughts and emotions have a much greater impact on the world than we might think.

While this theory is still highly speculative, there is some scientific evidence to support it. For example, studies have shown that particles can become entangled with each other even when they are separated by large distances. This suggests that there could be a hidden connection between particles that we don't fully understand.

A healthy body and nervous system aka healthy spine and movement are key leading indicators of your ability to have healthy, empowering thoughts, ability to digest emotions and engage with the world in a life affirming.

In conclusion, quantum entanglement is a fascinating phenomenon that could hold the key to understanding how thought energy travels around the world. While the mechanism behind this phenomenon is still unclear, some researchers believe that it could be related to the entanglement of subatomic particles. This theory suggests that our thoughts and emotions are deeply connected to the world around us, and that we have the power to affect the world in ways that we don't fully understand. Whether or not this theory is true, it raises some interesting questions about the nature of the mind and its relationship to the universe.

If you want to live an empowered life, building up yourself, the people around you and potentially positively affecting the world, we can help.

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